Some Hungarian men promised 103 million HUF (300,000 EUR) to another who believed to get money from the prosperous drug business but instead of drugs, he only found flour in the bags he received.

According to, the Hungarian authorities arrested László F. and his fellow criminals and started to investigate the case. The 36-year-old Hungarian man and his partners in crime elicited nearly 300,000 EUR from another man who lives in Tokaj (Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County) in June and July 2019. The criminals promised the man a profitable drug business, but in the end, made him a fool.

The first time, László F. asked for 15 million HUF (44,000 EUR) to get “drugs”. On June 26, they told that they received another amount of drug from abroad. On this occasion, they not only organised a life-real drug exchange situation but even convinced the man to take some drugs to make him cooperate more efficiently. In July, three similar events followed.

Actual drug was never transported or given to the man from Tokaj. He was fooled several times and robbed millions of HUF. It also turned out that in one case, László F. needed money to solve the problem of his mortgaged car.

On September 5, 2019, the Hungarian police luckily captured and arrested László F. and his fellow criminals although one of them escaped. The police are still looking for that one missing criminal. The authorities found vehicles and other objects of a value of approximately 50 million HUF (147 million HUF).

The criminals were officially arrested on September 8, 2019.

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Vietnamese man arrested for drug possession in Hungary – VIDEO

A Vietnamese man was taken into custody after police had found more than 4 kilos of drugs in his vehicle, the national police headquarters said on its website on Friday.



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