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As hvg.hu reports, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was featured in a video made by one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world. Unfortunately, the reason is not particularly positive. The Economist‘s video is about the decline of democracy, and PM Orbán is one of the deterrent examples of undemocratic leaders.

The Economist featured PM Orbán Viktor just two months ago, as someone trying to silence the critical and independent press, along with Putin. The situation is not any brighter this time, either. The Economist shared a video on Monday about how to destroy democracy in just four steps. Unfortunately, the four steps eerily resemble recent political decisions in Hungary.

The first step is the arrival of a charismatic leader who promises to save the people. President Trump is an excellent example of this.

The second task is to find a mutual enemy, as voters love to hate and blame somebody else. A perfect choice is to hate refugees, as they are not allowed to vote.

This is where PM Orbán appears, as someone who frightens people by saying that Muslim refugees are going to destroy the country.

The third step is to weaken democratic institutes like the justice system or the independent press.

And the final step: get rid of any remaining opposition. At this point, democracy is, indeed, dead; it only survives by the name.

You can check out the video here:


For more news, check out this article about a Czech movie in which a statue of Orbán is shot at.

Featured image: MTI

Source: hvg.hu

  1. The Economists makes mistakes. Mr. Orban is criticized because he, like Mr. Trump, believes, his countrymen should come first. Well done Mr. Orban.

  2. As a foreigner living in Hungary, I see no problem with the policies of the government. I actually think Orban and his party are doing a great job and no doubt a lot of Hungarians did last April when they returned them to another term in power. Who cares what that globalist rag The Economist thinks about Orban and Hungary. Hungary as a nation has every right to decide whom it wants to admit.

  3. To start with, Marta Burka and Sean Holtz, l am also a foreigner living in Hungary. I came over here 9 years ago to get away from the farcicle politics that were and still are ruining Britain. I am married to a wonderful Hungarian and enjoying my retirement years in a wonderful country. Getting to The Economist, they, including The Indipendant and other such papers are propagandists and liars. The Economist was set up in 1845, and today is half owned by one of the biggest bureaucratic families in the world, the Rothchilds. The news paper is a Liberalist concern and supports Free Trade, Globalism and Free Immigration. The Economist is supported by many other bureaucrats throughout the world, including Geoge Soros. These people do not like it when a solid right side party with wonderful ideas, as the Fidesz Party run by Orbán Viktor, step in their way. As I have said, I have lived here almost 10 years now, and have seen the country change from pure Socialism to Democracy. What the Economist states about Orbán Viktor is a pack of undiluted lies. At the end of Gyurcsány’s reign, some 8 years+ ago, the country was on the verge of actual bankrupsy. Orbán Viktor and his party came along with the KDNP and in 8 years have made Hungary a living joy for the people. As you say Sean, the last Aprils election was proof in it’self. Hungary has become one of the most prosperous countries in Europe and they should be proud of it. The only thing that is wrong, is the opposition parties. They thought they would win the last election, but never did, which made them very sour. Liberals are very much the same as Socialists, they want power and money and nothing else. Basically just like the Liberalist Economist News Paper. They, like Soros, do not want to give in to Democracy, so they pick on Democratic leaders like Orbán Viktor to try and put the human race against them. Orbán Viktor is for his people and country, and yes Marta, one’s ” countrymen should come first”. I am proud to be a registered person (and I regard myself as a Hungarian) living in a wonderful country run by a true Democratic government and a really true person, Orbán Viktor. My life is in this country and l will never want to change it. The trouble with people who run these hipocrytical medias, they have never experienced what Hungary has gone through in the past millenium, like 150 years under Otterman rule, and nearly 60 years of Communist rule.

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