According to, the National Assembly has set the same rules for electric cigarettes on Tuesday that determine the traditional tobacco products.

E-cigarettes can be sold only in national tobacco stores from next May – the National Assembly decided.

Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balogh, who submitted the proposal, justified the regulatory framework for electric cigarette, electronic devices imitating smoking, all accessories, components and refill bottles by the protection of young people.

The first step is the restriction of the ability to buy the products widely in order to have fewer young people smoke and use e-cigarettes, which is a public health priority – the explanatory wrote.

The sale in tobacco shops was justified by the demand according to which the supply of the product’s users has to be professional and satisfying, and to effectively enforce the consumer protection aspects, wrote.

According to the justification of the law, the 2014 EU directive contains the regulation of nicotine-containing products only. But it also states that the Member States may regulate or ban the accessories of tobacco products and the products similar in appearance to certain types of tobacco or related products as well.

Like cigarettes, electronic devices imitating smoking cannot be used in public buildings, public transport or at workplaces in the future. Also, the same ad prohibitions apply to these goods as to the traditional tobacco products.

The rules for e-cigarettes will be effective from May 20, 2016.

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