After Facebook the Hungarian internet users mostly prefer uploading contents to the Tumblr microblog and to the Foursquare location service. They more frequently listen to music on the YouTube Channel and not on online radio station.

The survey which interviewed 1000 Hungarian online users examined how social networks are being used nowadays. Naturally, Facebook has the largest group of visitors since 85% of the online population is already registered there. The Hungarian users of this community site are loyal: 83% of the respondents log in at least once a month, one-third of them update their profile several times a week – showed by the research of the NRC market research delivered on behalf of the PS:Provocative PR Agency.

Although such popular services abroad as Instagram, Tumblr or Foursquare have attracted only a small percentage of users in Hungary, still in these sites Hungarians already form a very active community. Actually, 5% of the Hungarian internet users between the age of 18-75 have already registered to Instagram, while 4% and 2% of them to Foursquare and Tumblr, respectively. 23% of Tumblr users upload contents to the site several times a week and 19% of the Hungarian Foursquare users check-in at least that often, and 17% of Instagram users upload minimum one picture weekly.

“Our research is representative for the age group of 18-75 years old online users, but we can declare that the Instagram, Tumblr and Foursquare fans represent a significantly larger group among teenagers” – highlighted Rita Petrányi-Széll, the manager of the PS:PRovocative in connection with the findings.

While the population of these portals has still been growing, the same cannot be true of iWiW, where three-quarters of the Hungarian users has a profile but only 7% of the members update and use it frequently. The case with Google+ is not so radical but similar. Even through 53% of the Hungarian Internet users is registered, merely 23% of the respondents visit the portal several times a week. Moreover, 11% of the registered users upload contents regularly.

Business members on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn portal, a leader in career-management, cannot boast with wide Hungarian users despite the portal has already 200 million users worldwide. “We mostly use social networks for fun. Actually, 7% of the Hungarian internet users is registered to LinkedIn, but only a minority of them is willing to pay for any Paid Service. They are such employees or business owners who manage their professional life more seriously than the average”- underlined Rita Petrányi-Széll.

Music from YouTube

The websites suitable for listening to music online also belong to the most popular services: 69% of the respondents noted that they often use some kind of online music services. It could be surprising that not radios are the most popular ones: Hungarian web users highly prefer the YouTube. 91% of the respondents listen to music on this website at least once a month, more than half of the subscribers use it for the same reason many times a week.

Currently, 17% of the surveyed turn on the Hungarian online radio stations several times a week, while 26% of them do so at least once a week. Foreign music channels are also popular: 15% of the internet community listens to music via international online radio stations monthly. Other musical services – like SoundCloud, Deezer or Spotify – are also known for the Hungarians, however, they are much less used than other services. Merely 14 respondents have got Spotify profile, only three of them were willing to pay for the premium service – showed the PS:PRovocative survey.

In addition, the research also reflected that Hungarian web users in the age group of 18-75 have already registered to three social networks in average and 16% of the respondents is a member to five or more community sites. The services are mainly popular among people living in Budapest and, interestingly, the services attract men and women in nearly equal numbers. Except for the services of LinkedIn, iWiW and Google+, the youngsters of 18-29 seem to be the most active both in registration and usage.

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 by Valentina Leanyfalvi



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