It looks like the medieval legend of the Queen of Hungary’s Water is still interesting. The new fragrance of Viktória Minya only debuted in early November, but it has already been placed on a list of high priority.

A Ruling Scent

According to her, the reason for this is that perfume enthusiasts are familiar with the story of Elizabeth of Hungary – the rosemary-based tincture was the first perfume in history. ”Everyone, for whom scents mean a lot, deals willingly with this issue” she said. ”When I came up with the idea, I thought that it would mostly be successful in Hungary; I did not think that it would be a hit abroad.” She also tells that her Belgian reseller has called her recently, that Eau de Hongrie has been sold out. However, there is no scheme of the favourite fragrances of countries yet.

These lists are of considerable weight on the perfume market; this kind of certified popularity can add prestige to a product. Getting into a favourable position with two different editions in two consecutive years is like winning the Academy Award in two consecutive years. ”Last year, the popularity of Hedonist was a huge surprise, and I instinctively started hope that Eau de Hongrie will not let me down, but at the same time, I tried to stay sober. A lot of people were waiting for Eau de Hongrie after Hedonist. When I told the resellers that my new fragrance was on the way, they called me to urge weekly. I was a little afraid that the wine bottle shape would be too simple after the girly bottle of Hedonist. But it seems that my customers like it, so I am relaxed. The most stressful part of the work always comes before the finish, that is when doubts about the reception of the new product arise, but I have no reason to complain.”

Fruits in Cocoa Veil

Inventiveness might be the motto of chocoMe: they experiment with not only flavours, but also with forms. In 2010, they introduced their chocolate bars, with an unconventional size and ratio. The round Raffinée product line came in 2013, and the square-shaped and palm-sized Carré entered the market in 2014. The new year is opened by the curved and prismatic Voilé product line. Arc-shaped orange peel, lemon slices and prismatic pieces of ginger are coated by French Cacao Barry company’s 70% cacao dark chocolate.

The new product demanded development and a completely new technology. ”We noticed that many people try to imitate the chocoMe products; the Raffinée product line was launched with the intention of creating something striking. The Voilá brand came into being about half a year after the first idea. I started to think about this idea, because only a few companies have similar products” said Gábor Mészáros, founder and chief executive.

He also said that he was looking for a completely new chocolate flavour for the Voilá brand. That is how he found Cacao Barry. ”Barry was among the materials that were offered to me based on a flavour map. As both orange and lemon has a very strong flavour, they can only be paired with an intense cacao flavour. This especially true of ginger, which spicy, bitter and sweet at the same time. These were considered when selecting cacao.”

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