The first legal free beach in Szentendre opened on Friday. Decades ago the Postás beach was already used for swimming by the locals, but it was never officially designated as a public beach, writes. The town began to consider the reopening of the beach last year, in connection with the I love Duna campaign, and the inspection last summer showed that the water quality was good.  

At the request of the locals, the area was not changed significantly. Changing rooms, showers, and drinking water taps were built, and portable toilets and litter bins were placed near the shore, while buoys on the river and signs on the shore mark the designated swimming area.

The facilities of the beach are going to be maintained by the local government. The public beach is open until the end of August.

The Postás public park adjoined to the beach will also receive new features: two solar-powered lights will be placed in the area, and the lawn will go through renovation in autumn as well. The town also plans to install outdoor sports equipment in the park.

Szentendre is a town located north of Budapest, near the Danube bend. It is most famous for its picturesque streets and its museums, most notably the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum, known as the Skanzen. It can be reached from Budapest via the H5 suburban railway line.

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  1. Love Szentendre, love to go for a swim on the beach, love to come to Hungary in the Beautiful month September. Love it when you leave the beach opened! Not everyone has holidays in July and August. And september can be warm enough to enjoy the beach. Please reconsider opening-time-frame

  2. Flippin’ great! What about the sewage flowing into the Danube 24/7 without treatment. Ask any paddler about the horrible smell after rain….

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