Budapest, April 1 (MTI) – Keeping Hungarian workers in the Carpathian Basin is crucial for the region in the long run, House Speaker László Kövér said at Friday’s plenary session of the forum representing lawmakers from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF) in Budapest.

Kövér told the forum that labour migration was not a uniquely Hungarian problem, pointing out that neighbouring countries deal with greater labour shortages than Hungary or Hungarian diaspora communities.

Over the coming years, Hungary will have to focus its efforts on managing the labour market in a way that creates stable work environments for all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin, he said. This strategy will ensure that Hungarians will have not just an emotional but also an economic interest in staying in their homeland. The KMKF will have an important role in putting together this strategy, Kövér added.

The house speaker said Hungary’s ability to implement the interests of its policy for Hungarian communities abroad would depend on whether the country can protect that policy from “political opponents” who aim to convince the international community that Hungary’s diaspora policy is a risk to the stability of the Carpathian Basin. Right now it appears that the political opponents are winning, he said.

He said the success of the diaspora policy will also depend on how much of a battlefield the Carpathian Basin will become between the interests of the United States and Russia. The region will remain a battlefield until the European Union decides that it wants to be a bridge between the Euro-Atlantic alliance and the Eurasian political pole as opposed to a barrier, he said.

Photo: MTI


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