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The Hungarian Cultural Days of Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca) just started at the weekend (17th August), and it is ending on 25th August. The most visited cultural festival of Transylvania is celebrating its 10th jubilee this year. Visitors can choose from more than 600 programmes in more than 100 different locations. 

The backbone of the festival consists of concerts, exhibitions, wine tastings, theatre plays, sporting events, literary programmes – you can see them all by clicking here.

Last year, approximately 250,000 people visited the festival, and this year, even more are expected to come.

So, during the jubilee festival, the local bus schedule is also going to be changed (between 22nd and 25th August). More buses, trolleybuses, and trams are needed for transportation, so, their schedule is going to be extended.

Knock-Out concert
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The traditional party site of Bánffy Palace opened on 18th August, and the big stage at the main square of the city opens on Monday. The second-most visited place of the festival, Farkas Street, is opening on Wednesday, according to Lilla Szabó (programme manager).

Farkas utca
Folk dance on Farkas street
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Planetarium Court is unfortunately closed this year, but – as alternatives – the new Insomnia, L’ Autre Café, Café Bulgakov, and the Heltai Folk Pub are the proper places to visit after an eventful day or a party (e.g. at Főtér).


Bohemian Betyars
Bohemian betyars concert
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Balázs Gergely, the main organiser, thanked all the people supporting the event for covering the extremely heavy expenses of the festival (entrepreneurs of Kolozsvár, the local government, the Hungarian government, etc.) and promised an even more charming festival for the jubilee to the visitors.  

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