The We are Social media agency from London presented its annual study regarding the situation of the media. This report included the global standards and statistics of each countries’ habits of using digital platforms.

Képmás reported that it is no surprise that the average time of using smartphones increased (especially using social media platforms), and people are participating in the phenomenon of messaging (sending real-time messages) more often. The most important social media platforms are Facebook and YouTube, and even countries with poor Internet coverage try to keep up with social media.

Regarding Hungary, there is one surprising factor in this report. It is not the fact that Hungary is the 8th country in the world with the fastest Internet connection, or that the country’s internet coverage is above 90%. These are all important points, but mainly infrastructural ones.

The most important and surprising fact is that the Hungarian language is the 20th most commonly used language in the world of the Internet.

Out of 8,000 known languages, Hungarian is digitally active and living its prime in the online world. According to a study from 2013, a language can be invisible in the digital world no matter how many speakers it has. Languages can also be threatened by digital extinction, not just the decrease of its speakers. The Hungarian language is safe from this phenomenon.

The language which is the hardest one in the world, which has been reinvented several times, and has the least speakers in the world, is building an own empire in the digital world.

Out of 4,388 billion Internet users, many of them stumble upon the unique and beautiful Hungarian language, which is a bigger victory than an Olympic gold medal.


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