According to Randstad Award’s recent survey, the service sector was the most attractive area among the workers in 2015, taking the lead from the automotive industry. This trend is likely to continue, thanks to the service centres. The service sector is the only area which does not only keep Hungarian workers in the country, but attracts foreign employees as well, writes

Approximately 40.000 workers are employed in Hungary’s 80 service centres, and most of them are freshly graduated young people who speak one or more foreign languages. Before the recent financial crisis people preferred security over anything else, but in the past two years workers are aiming for higher salaries and flexible work hours, as more and more people – especially women – wish to balance family and work.

People under 35 are more mobile, and they often leave the country if they can’t find the right job. Half of the Hungarian population would like to study or work abroad, which is not necessarily a bad thing, given that they help the country with their newfound knowledge after they return. However, people need motivation to return to Hungary, and one way to do that would mean the drastic increasing of the salaries.

There’s also a significant difference between the various age groups: older workers aim for long-term opportunities and look for financial stability, while younger people wish to have diverse responsibilities, comfortable working environment, and carrier opportunities.

It seems that high salary alone is not enough anymore to attract workforce: companies should invest in their employer branding, as those companies which have an attractive brand spend 46% less money on recruiting new workforce.

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