The bachelor film studies degree could be saved but Vincze Teréz, the ELTE film studies’ lecturer thinks that the new system means the end of the university’s autonomy.

’The false of the transformation of the high education project is the consistory system’ – said Vince Teréz, the ELTE Film studies department’s lecturer, to the Prima’s portal which is connected to the mentioned endangered studies.

According to, the lecturer thinks that the ’terrible’ consistory which is above the university’s chancellor and director could decline any academic project or plan because only one person would be their representative at the university.

Vincze Teréz said that the university’s representatives are not take any sides in this case: the rector conferences, for example, should have ended in outrage because of this decision and the student council is became the puppy of the government.

The university’s lecturer think that the bachelor film studies degree could be saved for this time because of the numerous speech and petitions, but the true collaboration is still missing. The film studies could be continue because of the ELTE leader’s assistance , but the consistory could end this any time, said Vincze.

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translated by Andrea Tóth


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