Budapest, March 25 (MTI) – Hungary welcomes all investments that can help the country turn itself into a centre of production, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the inauguration of the Danish Lego group’s 200 million euro plant in Nyiregyhaza, east Hungary today.

The big plant was completed in record speed, in a year, while it is one of the most cutting-edge plants in the world, Orban said. He praised Lego for being family enterprise to this very day, and added that Denmark had always been Hungary’s friend, supporting the country and this investment, too.

Later in the day, the prime minister was interviewed by local television, and called for an economic policy in which “each part of the country has room, in which nobody or no place is unnecessary”. He referred to putting together a Lego toy and said that just as all pieces are needed, “there is no underdeveloped or hopeless town, if not fully developed as yet, or has not yet utilised its potential”.

Orban spoke about Nyiregyhaza and said it was “fast developing, respectable and strong, radiating power to the whole county” surrounding it. The prime minister said that Nyiregyhaza’s development projects totalled 170 billion forints, the city focusing on job creation as a top priority.

Concerning Hungary’s upcoming parliamentary election, Orban said that voters would have to “choose between past and present”.

The 122,000-square-metre greenfield Lego plant was built on an area of 100 hectares. The company will provide 250 new jobs, employing 1,500 altogether. The plant has 672 moulding machines. It will raise annual output of the base in Nyiregyhaza from 18 million boxes produced in 2013 to 30 million. The new plant will produce all Duplo toys and Lego Systems. The investment was financed entirely by Lego. The Lego-group spent last year 2.6 billion Danish crowns on developing its production capacity. It expanded its plants in the Czech Republic and Mexico and has built an entirely new plant in Nyiregyhaza. Lego has already started to build another plant in China which will be up and running supplying the Asian market from 2016.

Photo: MTI


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