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Hungarian fans will commemorate the King in Budapest with a concert and original relics exhibited that will be taken to Budapest from a private collector.

Upon the 50th anniversary of his legendary comeback, the king will be honoured by his Hungarian fans in Liget Club Budapest, HVG reports. Elvis Presley gave a legendary show on 18th November in 1968 aired by NBC (National Broadcasting Company). The 1.5-hour-long concert was significant because the King was concentrating on his movies at that time rather than playing, and the reputation he built up by the end of the ’50s almost completely disappeared in a few years.

That is why the concert is called the legendary ‘68 Comeback Special, rebooting Presley’s career. He returned to giving concerts, and he never stopped until his death in 1977.

At the event, one of the leading bands of the rockabilly scene, the Budapest-based Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol will perform Presley’s songs with their special guests who are, among others, Dannis Jale, the special guest of the night and singer of Elvis Presley’s band, the TCB Band and Dóra Danics, winner of the Hungarian X-Factor 2013.

Thanks to a private collector, original relics of the King will be exhibited during the event, which will be shipped to the Hungarian capital straight from Vienna.

You can find the details of the event here. Be sure to scroll down for the English version.

Did you know that there is a park in Budapest named after Elvis Presley? His Hungarian fans commemorate him there on the date of his death, 16th August every year. What is more, they are motioning to set up a statue or a plaque for the King there. Learn more here.

Featured Image: facebook.com/elvis / Alfred Wertheimer 

Source: hvg.hu

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