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Funzine.hu reports that Priscilla Presley, former wife of Elvis Presley, also supports the idea of inaugurating a statue in Budapest to honour the musical achievements of the rock ‘n’ roll legend. Priscilla Presley, mother of the only child of “the King”, is going to visit Hungary on 6 June in the framework of the Wonder of You tour. The organisers informed her that the Hungarian fans of Elvis urge to set up a statue in Budapest to commemorate the legendary singer. Here are the latest details!

The Hungarian Elvis Club has been fighting for years for installing an Elvis statue in the middle of the park named after him. In fact, the Hungarian Elvis Club visited the local government and also organised a donation to collect the necessary money for the realisation of the project.

Priscilla Presley, one of the founders of the Elvis Presley Enterprises, was informed about the dedicated effort of the Hungarian fans by the organisers of her concert in Budapest and she also got to know that a public park was named after her former husband. Upon hearing this news, she expressed her joy in the following way:

“This is absolutely incredible and it shows how much Elvis influenced the whole world. Although he died more than 40 years ago, he left his footprint in the world with his music and personality that cannot be simply erased. He himself would not have thought that decades after his death, a park will be named after him in Hungary. Hopefully, in the near future, a statue can also honour him. I find it a fantastic thing that the local government supported this good cause and named the park after him, but I also thank for the fans who are urging the installation of a statue, too. I hope they will succeed.”

The immortality of the musical achievement of “the King” is also shown by the triumphant celebration of him at the Wonder of You tours that always attract millions of people. In Budapest, the live show can be seen on 6 June. Elvis will appear on the screen accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. The lucky ones who once saw one of the live concerts of Elvis can evoke their fondest memories of him while the tour also allows others to enjoy the most recognisable voice in the world for the 1st time.

/facebook/Gyertyafényes megemlékezés az Elvis Presley parkban/

Budapest decided to name a park in Buda after Elvis Presley since besides being the most influential icon of the 20th century, Elvis also gave assistance to those in need and supported the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. In an American TV show, he called the attention of ten thousands of people to the Revolution and asked them to donate to the troubled Hungarians. This is why he has been an honorary citizen of the capital since 2011.

We hope that shortly, a statue will also remind Hungarians of the incredible singer he was and his effort to help the Hungarians!

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Source: funzine.hu

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  1. Very well deserved. It was in fact a larger operation than Operation Safe Haven which resettled 38,000 Hungarians to North America

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