In a previous article, we have started listing the most expensive offers on Airbnb in Hungary, collected by Here you can find the top 5 most expensive places to stay in Hungary.

5. The Lake House, Balatonkenese

Another villa near Lake Balaton on the list. This real estate has its own swimming pool, a private section of the beach, and an electric boat for rent for 12 people. According to the advertisement, it is suitable for lodging 16 guests, but the host mention 22 guests lodged in 11 rooms in the description. The whole house for one night costs 1278 Euros (395000 HUF), over 10 people; it increases up until 1440 Euros (445000 HUF).


4. Emerald apartment, Budapest District VIII

This apartment is located in the city centre, offering accommodation for 8 people on a price of 1600 EUR/night (495000 HUF). The price of almost half a million forints is justified by the proximity of touristic sights and the party district, and the modern interior. The price per head exceeds 195 Euros (60 thousand HUF), but this still grants its place in the midfield of the most expensive Airbnb apartments.


3. Füge Liget Panzió, Balatonfüred

Another place to stay near Lake Balaton. The proprietor of Füge Liget Panzió demands 1620 Euros (500000 HUF) per night, alluding to the

magnificent panoramic view.

The house is capable of lodging 12 people, and travellers can also take their pets with them to this pension.



2. Sz. Apartman, Budapest, District V.

(removed on request by proprietor)

1. MABE apartment, Budapest, District V.

The most expensive apartment can be found in District V., near the Parliament and Andrássy út.

This accommodation is recommended for those on business journeys, groups, or a big family.

Its price is 8322 Euros per night (2.57 million HUF), and 15 guests can stay here at once. This granted MABE apartment the first place on the list.


+1 Violet Premium Hostel, Budapest

This hostel can be found on the border of districts V and IX and based on its price; it could be part of the list of the most expensive Airbnb flats. Guests can stay in a room with three beds for 7772 Euros (2.4 million HUF) per night. But because of its furnishing and the common bathroom, we can assume that the price is just a clerical error and does not reflect reality.


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