In 2016 around 32.8 percent of adults aged between 25 and 64 years took part in adult education programmes, up from 27.2 percent in 2011, preliminary data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH) shows.

Some 4.1 percent of adults took part in official school education programmes and 30.5 percent in non-school programmes.

KSH said 12.5 percent attended courses related to their jobs, 7.2 percent took part in conferences, 4.8 percent were part of team building exercises, 2.5 percent studied languages and 1.6 percent computer skills.

The figures showed that younger adults were more active learners. Among people aged 25 to 34 some 41.6 percent took part in educational programmes as against 20.4 percent among those older than 55 years.

People were also more likely to be in adult education the higher their educational qualifications were. Adults with tertiary degrees were in educational programmes 55 percent of the time while only 17.3 percent with primary degree level qualifications were studying.

Source: MTI

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