King Sigismund University, which will soon operate as Milton Friedman University, is about to launch a sports establishment manager course. As 168 óra reported, the program lasts for 3 semesters, and it will start in February with 34 students.

The university initiated the new sports establishment manager course because there is a remarkable need for this profession. As it was stated at the press conference related to the new curriculum: 9 million trainers, 2 million doctors and 6 million teachers work in the European Union. Hungary does not need only outstanding athletes to be successful in this field but also well-trained experts. The patrons of the new course are the minister of national defence István Simicskó, the state secretary for sports Tünde Szabó and government commissioner responsible for priority investments, Balázs Fürjes.

Rector Péter Szatmári mentioned that several new sports complexes were established in the recent years and sport has become a branch of national strategy.

Sports, as he claimed, strengthen communities and secure sustainable development. However, it requires leaders who have skills in leadership, communication, finance and organisation. Stadiums, swimming pools and sports halls are needed to be operated in a way that is sustainable in the long run.

Chairman of Hungarian sports assembly Vasas, László Markovits agreed that the improvement of sports estates justifies the new course. He added that well-trained experts must ensure that these complexes operate with the least investment and the most substantial profit possible.

The key, as he states, is finding the middle ground, considering both cost-effectiveness and professionalism in sports.

Chairman of MTK Tamás Deutsch emphasised that sport is not just a mean of health preservation, but also of creating opportunities. It is also a rapidly developing branch of economy, which plays a vital role in the European economy.

Manager of Budapesti Honvéd István Gergely added that the infrastructure of Hungarian sport is in its Renaissance, but it requires excellent leaders to keep its costs low. There is a high demand for experts in this field already.

Péter Szatmári announced that the new course will focus on practical training and Groupama Aréna provides a venue for it during the first semester.

featured image:  Luca Zsoldos, ZSKE-Students’ team

Source: 168 óra

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