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Are you tired of all the misery around buying presents for your loved ones? Well, you can make your very own Christmas gifts from your old cotton t-shirts, used coffee capsules or inner tubes from the tyre of your bicycle at Rekreácsony (Recreatemass) while enjoying harp music.

The Creator DIY Workshop hosts an extraordinary Christmas fair on 16th December from 10:00 to 17:00 for the lovers of recycling and slow living, Szeretlek Magyarország reports.

“Come in and have a rest in the middle of the Christmas madness in the spirit of slow living, because there’s no rush!”

– they posted to their Facebook event.

You can not only buy but also create recycled presents if you are good with your hands. One can use an old t-shirt, coffee capsules, inner tubes, pages of magazines or leftover textiles. If you do not fancy creating, you can still buy recycled products with a background that is easy to trace back.

“Stay as long as you want! Let’s have a chat while having a good cup of hot coffee or tea and munching on some cookies.”

Visitors can join the below workshops while enjoying the performance of the band called Boats Leaving Upper Edge – Harp and Sing:

earrings, craft, handmade
Photo: facebook.com/Cirrhopprecycle/

Cirrhopp: Recycling textiles. Learn how to create jewellery from your old t-shirts without sewing 😉

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Photo: facebook.com/InfinityPaperDesign/

Infinity Paper Design: You can create earrings, medals, bracelets and ornaments from paper and tapestry with the help of special lacing techniques at their workshop.

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Photo: facebook.com/ursuslupus/

Ursuslupus: They make bags, jewellery and wallets from old inner tubes. You can create pretty lightweight earrings at ReKreácsony with them.

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Photo: facebook.com/annaekszerei/

Nusenka: Coffee-lover? Did you know that earrings, necklaces, rings, medals, bracelets and ornaments can all be made from coffee capsules? Give it a try at Nusenka’s workshop.

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Photo: facebook.com/renaichance/

RenaiChance: You can make leather and textile keyrings, small wallets or decorate linen sacks, which can be used as a sustainable package for Christmas gifts instead of wrapping paper.

Do not miss the “ordinary” Christmas fair at Vörösmarty Square either. Learn more about it here.

Featured Image: facebook.com/Cirrhopprecycle/

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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