The April issue of the Hungarian Forbes magazine is out now, focusing on the country’s most influential women, reports On the cover, Nikolett Blaskó, CEO of ACG alongside Kriszta D. Tóth, founding member and editor in chief of WMN.HU, and Judit Virág, gallery owner can be seen. In the categories of business, public life, media and culture are the women listed. New and some well-known names from 2015 occur on the lists as well.

The list of women in business

Gabriella Balogh, who helps the work of the CEMP-owner Zoltán Spéder, and is the only female member of the Hungarian Football Federation presidency, reached the top again. She is followed by Zsuzsa Beke, director of the PR, governmental relations and communications of Richter. The third place went to Ilona Dávid, president and CEO of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways), who is also the president of GYSEV (Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railways).

Zsófia Bánhegyi, director of group communications of Telekom is on the fifth place. She was not on the list last year. Neither was Judit Zolnay, who is the CEO of MetLife Insurance, and is ranked eighth this year, nor Kamilla Csomai, CEO of MAVIR ranked eleventh, or Gabriella Szentkuti, CEO of Microsoft Hungary placed twelve.

Public life

The first place has not changed since last year, as Anikó Lévai, wife of the PM received the highest rank on the list again. Réka Szemerkényi, Hungarian ambassador of Washington is the second, while Mónika Karas, president of the NMHH (National Media and Infocommunications Authority) is the third on the list. She is followed by Tünde Handó, who is the president of OBH (National Office for the Judiciary) and wife of József Szájer, member of the European Parliament.

Klára Dobrev, wife of the former PM, Ferenc Gyurcsány is ranked seventh. Ráhel Orbán, daughter of the current PM was also added to the list as a “plus one” because of her involvement in tourism, concerning especially the future of the industry, her reaching a place on the cathedra of the Budapest Corvinus University and her husband’s successful procurements, writes

Places eight, nine and ten are owned by the influential women of civil society. Nóra L. Ritók, president of Igazgyöngy Foundation, which provides artistic education to children living in extreme poverty, is followed by Veronika Móra, president of Ökotárs Foundation, who is also responsible for distributing the resources of the Civil Támogatási Alap (NGO fund). The tenth is Mária Sándor, known as the “nurse in black dress” and critic of the healthcare conditions.


This list is led by Gabriella Vidus, CEO of RTL Hungary. Mária Király, operative director of the Ringier-Axel Springer publishing house is the second, while Fanny Kaminski, who manages the PM’s social media and tabloid press presence is ranked third. also mentions, that Kaminski’s influence can be seen as other people related to her, the PM or his unofficial consultant are on the list as well.

On the fifth place, Gabriella Halkó, economic and strategic president of TV2 can be found, while the sixth is Olga Kálmán, presenter of ATV. Vivien Kökény-Szalai, news director of TV2 is ranked seventh, whereas Kriszta D. Tóth, founding member and editor in chief of WMN.HU is eighth. The leading female figure of the RTL news, Antónia Erős received the ninth position.


Enikő Eszenyi, director of Vígszínház is on the top of this list. She is followed by Ágnes Havas, CEO of the Hungarian National Film Fund. The third place was given to Júlia Fabényi, CEO of Ludwig Museum. Along Eszenyi, two other Kossuth-award winners made it to the list. They are, Mari Törőcsik, Actress of the Nation, ranked sixth and Anna Jókai, author, placed ten.

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