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If you already made the perfect Instagram post of your lunch or dinner, it is time for dessert! These places offer the most unique, interesting and beautiful sweets and desserts one can find in Budapest.

5 restaurants to visit in Budapest for the perfect Instagram post

Chez Dodo Macarons & Café

Chez Dodo is the embodiment of Dóra Szalai’s dream. Dóra fell in love with macarons a few years ago. She was dedicated to learning everything there is to know about this special dessert, and she aimed to make the best macarons in Budapest. She even attended an advanced class in Paris which showed her all the tips and tricks of the very complicated process. At first, she only baked them for her friends and colleagues. Her macarons were an instant success, and she finally partnered up with Peter Vary to open Chez Dodo in 2014. The shop is located close to Saint Stephen’s Basilica in the heart of the capital.

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Minden évben nagyon fontosnak tartjuk, hogy felhívjuk a figyelmet egy lényeges ügyre, és azt a szuper közösséget, ami körülöttünk kiépült, bevonjuk és megmozgassuk. 2018-ban csatlakoztunk az @unicefhungary Bajnok programjához és így, most veletek együtt segíthetünk adománygyűjtés formájában a világ legrászorulóbb gyermekein. 2019-ben is minden ilyen, egyedi Unicef x ChezDodo dobozka megvásárlásával, dobozonként 400ft-al támogatjuk az @unicefhungary küldetését, hogy a világ legrászorulóbb gyermekei megfelelő táplálékhoz jussanak. ? // Each year we find it important to embrace a good cause and to mobilize this great and caring community around us. We were honoured to be selected to Unicef Hungary’s Champion program this year, involving local entrepreneurs to raise funds for children in need. Unicef and Chez Dodo now have a special gift box collection and by purchasing the box, you donate 400 HUF to Unicef Hungary to fight global childhood malnutrition. Let’s help together? #chezdodo #unicefhungary #charitybox

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The macarons are made on the spot; an average of 20 different flavours can be found in the counter. They are made from high-quality ingredients “to guarantee a superior gourmet experience.” The flavours are very characteristic and range from fruity, lighter variations to more complex and unusual ones like Pierre (Piemonte hazelnut – truffle), Christian (dark chocolate – whiskey – bacon) and Georges (gorgonzola cheese – quince jelly).

Chez Dodo’s symbol is the hummingbird which reflects “the fragility and sophistication of the dessert, and can be found not only on one wall of the shop but also on gift boxes and bags”.

The Donut Library

Homer Simpson’s favourite dessert got a makeover. This Hungarian doughnut chain has a variety of colourful and creatively decorated doughnuts that are just as delicious as they look.

You can find the simplest of doughnuts like the glazed one, but unique ones can also be found on the shelves flavoured with pistachios, Bailey’s, or even peanut butter and jelly. You will not be able to resist buying a full box of these!

Customers can also enjoy a variety of books in the shops, so you can keep yourself busy even if you come by alone to enjoy a sweet delight in the middle of the day.

The Sweet by Vintage Garden

The ultimate girly coffee place that truly has everything: it is pink, it is elegantly decorated, and it is full of amazing sweets and desserts. The place is very cosy, and it definitely has that vintage vibe that is in-style right now. There are pastries, cookies, cakes, macarons, and many more.


Sugar! is a design confectionery founded in Budapest in 2008 by Eszter Horváth and Gergely Lábady. SUGAR! is sweet, young, cutting-edge, playful and yummy. The photos are amazing, but it is really a place to see. Just being there in the shop is an experience, and actually trying something out is beyond exciting. They have a wide variety of options: cakes, macarons, shakes, pancakes – literally anything that is sweet and irresistible. Luckily, you can visit SUGAR! at two different locations in Budapest: at 18 Paulay Ede Street and at 35 Petőfi Road (1st floor).

Gelarto Rosa

The rose-shaped ice cream has become an essential part of visiting Budapest. The unique dessert is something that every tourist wants to try, and we are not surprised by that.

Gelarto Rosa comes from the culinary vision and passion of Niki Szökrön, who is the founder, managing director and head chef of the place. She studied the ins-and-outs of traditional ice cream-making at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. She spent one year at a small family-run artisanal ice cream business in Italy as an intern, where she was taught the secret of making ice cream roses.

The ice cream gets its unique rose-shaped form because they do not scoop it but use a special spatula instead to form an ice-cream rose onto the cone. High-quality organic ingredients are used, and their ice cream does not contain emulsifiers, hydrogenated vegetable fat or palm oil. They offer vegan, lactose intolerant, diabetic and diet-conscious options, too.


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