Ramenka restaurant Budapest
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If you are visiting Budapest, and you are an enthusiast of both food and Instagram, you cannot miss these five places. Grab your foody fiend and your phone, and check out the following restaurants.

The No. 1 thing people are looking for in a restaurant is a delicious meal. I agree that taste is the most important, but we have to admit that it makes the experience extra special if the taste is combined with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. In our modern world, people are always looking for their next potential Instagram post-worthy experience. Well, you will find that in these 5 unique restaurants in Budapest.

Which is the most instagrammed Hungarian food?

Padthai Wokbar

Thai food is not only rich in flavour, but it is also quite photogenic. Full of colour and texture, these meals definitely look good on camera, and they taste delicious as well!


Another plus is that you get to create your own meal, you decide what goes into your bowl from the base to the sauce and toppings. The restaurants themselves look nice too. Padthai has 7 locations in Budapest (check them out here). These places are full of colour, and the walls are decorated with these adorable characters.


Bors Gasztrobár

These guys are not fooling around. Even CNN included this restaurant in their must-visit places in Budapest list, stating that it is “one of the most original street foods options in Europe right now.” Bors is well-known (and loved) for their uniquely strange and amazing soups and baguettes, that keep changing every other month.


To top all of that, Bors is also a very fairly priced place. It is no coincidence that university students go crazy for this place.

Good Karma Kitchen

Good Karma is a relatively new Indian place in Buda, located very close to Mammut. The place’s motto is all in their name: good karma, everything we do is interconnected. To protect the environment, they have compostable plates and cutlery, and they have vegan and meaty options as well. The food is made with fresh and healthy ingredients, not to mention how delicious it tastes. Their most Instagrammable food is probably their wrap, which looks like wrapped up rainbow.



Ramen is probably one of the most Instagrammed food in the whole wide world. It is a colourful ball of hug to warm you up or calm you down when you need. There are quite a few ramen places in Budapest, but the most well-known is probably Ramenka, located in deep downtown, in the middle of the party district. The restaurant has a nice but simple design, just like their soups.


i55 American Restaurant

This place downtown has everything with melty cheese on top. Their famous deep dish pizza is probably the most popular meal on Instagram, but their nacho plate and cocktails are just as eye-pleasing. The place also has a cool décor with neon vibes and vintage U.S. movie posters. It is ideal for a night out in the town with your friends.



Featured image: Instagram.com/ramenka_official/

Source: Instagram; Daily News Hungary

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