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Budapest is an excellent travel destination for a number of reasons. From beautiful sights to excellent relaxing opportunities or world-famous festivals, you can find exactly what you need here, whatever that may be. Not to mention the Hungarian gastronomy, described by CNN as “the local cuisines exploding with flavour”. Today, we discuss the ten best restaurants worth checking out in the Hungarian capital.

MÁK Bistro

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János Mizsei at work

This restaurant is famous for their approach to preparing food. János Mizsei, the young chef of the restaurant, is known to use Scandinavian practices even when preparing something traditional. The result is an amazing combination of originality and traditional flavours. A must when visiting this restaurant is the Mangalica pork, one of the specialities of the chef.

MÁK Bistro, Vigyázó Ferenc u. 4, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Könyvbár & Restaurant

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Harry Potter 4-themed dinner

This unique place is a special little corner of Budapest definitely worth checking out. The menu is inspired by books, and what is on offer changes every two weeks. Previously, guests could choose a Harry Potter-themed pumpkin soup or dishes inspired by Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The interior – walls lined with books – only adds to the ambience of the place.

Könyvbár & Restaurant, Dob u. 45, 1074 Budapest, Hungary


Perfect breakfast

Törökméz is the perfect choice when craving breakfast – not just in the morning, too, as they serve omelettes, acai bowls and avocado toast among others all day long. The place is run by travellers and is located not far from the Buda Castle, so it is ideal for a quick coffee (and cake) break among all the sightseeing.

Törökméz, Margit u. 27, 1023 Budapest, Hungary

Caviar & Bull

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This downtown restaurant is located in the Corinthia Hotel. Marvin Gauci, the chef who created it, is of Maltese origins. Nevertheless, staple dishes of Hungarian gastronomy can be found here, like the foie gras, paprika, Mangalica pig or Tokaj wine. Not to mention that even your caviar can be served with sour cream. Famous for meticulousness and a contemporary style, eating here is definitely an experience.

Caviar & Bull, Erzsébet krt. 43-49, 1073 Budapest, Hungary


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Photo:églő, photo by Luci Bondar

A long-time favourite among tourists, Paprika can often be crowded. Nevertheless, you should check it out if you are on a budget – the price-portion ratio is amazing, considering the servings are huge. You can try the famous Goulash soup, Tatar Beef and various grilled meats here.

Paprika, Dózsa György út 72, 1071 Budapest, Hungary

Bors GasztroBár

Borst GasztroBár restaurant Budapest bar
Located in the heart of the city, close to the iconic Szimpla ruin pub, CNN calls Bors GasztroBár “one of the most original street foods options in Europe right now”. They are famous for their soups and baguettes that keep changing and offer a huge variety of flavours. An additional benefit is that it is a very cheap place to eat at.
Bors GasztroBár, Kazinczy u. 10, 1075 Budapest, Hungary

Tökmag Vegan Street Food

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Located close to the impressive Parliament building, this tiny but mighty vegan eatery is the place to be for all lovers of gastronomy, really, not just those on a plant-based diet. They offer tasty soups, sandwiches and even vegan burgers. The green pea burger is highly recommended, and the vanilla tapioca pudding with pineapple jam seems like the perfect choice for dessert.
Tökmag Vegan Street Food, Hollán Ernő u. 5, 1136 Budapest, Hungary


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WineKitchen has become a significant part of the Budapest restaurant scene in the past years, and they have a Michelin star as well. They prepare meals very meticulously and in a contemporary style, not to mention they have a collection of 200 Hungarian wines, impressing wine lovers all over. You can try traditional Hungarian dishes here, occasionally with a spin to them by chef Ákos Sárközi. The trademark duck liver terrine with vegetables and fruits comes highly recommended.
Borkonyha WineKitchen, Sas u. 3, 1051 Budapest, Hungary


Photo: Restaurant/
Onyx has a special place among Budapest restaurants as it is at present the only one with two Michelin stars. Guests can enjoy traditional Hungarian dishes as well as meals from all over the world, prepared with innovative cooking approaches by Ádám Mészáros as head chef. It is a hot choice right now, so it is worth making a reservation well in advance.
Onyx, Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

Costes Downtown

Last but definitely not least, Costes Downtown with one Michelin star is also a must-visit place for lovers of fine dining when visiting Budapest. It has an exquisite bistro feel about it, and the dishes are prepared in an open kitchen by famous chefs Miguel Vieira and Tiago Sabarigo. They also have an excellent wine selection to complement whatever you choose from the menu.

Costes Downtown, Vigyázó Ferenc u. 5, 1051 Budapest, Hungary

For more specific suggestions, check out this article about the famous Hungarian Lángosbáró or this one about ‘mártogatós’, the Hungarian reform food.


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