The idea of two young Hungarians to combine the Hungarian pogácsa with a typical sandwich created something amazing that by now became so successful, that it grew into a catering company serving food for well-known companies, reports Szeretlekmagyarorszag.huThis is the so-called Mártogatós, the company producing reform food, which very quickly conquered Budapest and became a thriving gastronomical enterprise.

The idea of the Mártogatós just popped out of the head of Gergő Prauda and Gergő Takács. Neither of them dealt with catering or gastronomy before since they had a different professional background. That is the reason why they started the enterprise slowly and thoughtfully, firstly getting into some cafés to popularise their food, receive feedback and see how it goes. This also explains why they did not open a restaurant, but instead set up a catering company as a background factory.


Their aim

First of all, they wanted to reform the original nachos best served with cheese and salsa, so they started to experiment with creams and sauces that they served in a lovely robe. Therefore, the idea already existed in 2015, but at that time, they only experimented with the food serving it with sauces and creams at a café, called ALAP. The year when they officially launched their reform food was in 2016.

Their initial aim was to provide healthy, easily digestible food among which there are gluten- and lactose-free alternatives, too.

This is where they started. By now, the enterprise has outgrown itself and catered for companies like Mercedes or the Fujitsu. The collaboration with corporations encourages people for leading a healthier lifestyle, but it also popularises the brand and increases the satisfaction of the employees. The owners believe in providing a healthy alternative for cafeteria lunch even at workplaces by adding a little originality.


The philosophy of the company is to provide food that can be dipped into superb sauces and be eaten as main courses. Of course, this is not the typical menu you are accustomed to, but if you are bored of regular fast food, sandwiches and ham rolls, you should try it.

At the market

When asked about the significance of the enterprise at the domestic market, Gergő Prauda said that having been on the market for two years, by now, they feel more experienced and professional. However, they do not have ten years’ experience and are less known among the customers at the catering market.

But if there is a category for healthy office catering, they are present and dominant there.

Although they cannot compete with restaurants and bistros operating in the centre of Budapest for years, their concept is also different since customers do not eat their food on the spot, but at their workplaces or corporate events when they are served.



Mártogatós is eco-friendly since 95% of the packaging they use is compostable, but in the future, they would like to reach 100%. The enterprise also obtained the “sustainable catering” qualification which means that they intend to purchase their quality ingredients locally. Some small farmers only work for restaurants and serve them the fresh ingredients, but not everything can be purchased through them.


Therefore, their future aim is to get to know more domestic farmers and purchase the ingredients from them, but they would also like to extend their food supply. Currently, they are thinking about adding salad to their courses to which the sauces are perfect choices as well, but no matter what they plan, these days, more and more people recognise their name as it recalls healthy catering.

Featured image: facebook/Mártogatós

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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