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The world’s biggest and most popular search engine, Google, recently published its annual Google Trends Survey where the company collected the most popular searched topics in 2018. This survey features countries’ most popular trends, including Hungary as well.

According to, this is Google’s 18th time releasing this survey. These statistics collect the most popular search trends, words and topics from 70 countries, all across the globe. There are many categories to choose from and to get to know which word or topic was the most popular one. These categories are, for example, movies, sports, culture, television shows and recipes.

The most popular topic of 2018 worldwide was the sudden and tragic death of Swedish DJ Avicii in April. The second place is taken by the FIFA World Championship in Russia, and the third one by another American artist, Mac Miller, who also died suddenly due to a drug overdose in September.

Two Marvel-related topics are among the top ten most popular Internet searches: the movie Black Panther, and Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics who died this year. The famous physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking is also among the top ten, as well as XXXTenctation, the twenty-year-old American rapper who was murdered. To mention some positive events, it is no wonder that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding is among the top ten most popular topics of 2018.

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In general, the top three topics of 2018 were the elections in April, Avicii and the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

These topics are followed by Való Világ (Real World – reality show), Black Friday, Stan Lee, Sylvester Stalone, Freddie Mercury, the Lunar eclipse and, last but definitely not least, Meghan Markle.

Besides the FIFA World Championship, the Winter Olympic Games and the Australia Open were also popular topics in Hungary. Residents were also curious about other sports events, like the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, Formula 1 and the Handball European Championship. The US Open, the Real Madrid vs. Liverpool match and the Tour de Hongrie are also featured on the list.

Google trends also revealed the most popular and watched Hungarian television shows in their statistics. After Real World, Hungary’s second most liked television production is Korhatáros Szerelem, which is a Hungarian romantic drama comedy series. The third place is taken by X Factor.

Besides these television shows, the most popular ones are Golden Life (HBO’s drama series), Our Little Town (Hungarian comedy series), Survivor (reality show), The Song (national selection programme for the Eurovision Song Contest) and Sztárban Sztár (Hungarian singers dress up as other Hungarian and international singers).

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Tamás Kovács and Patrícia Kovács, the leading actors of Korhatáros Szerelem (Photo:

We must not forget about different kinds of meals, cakes and delicacies, either. These delicious foods were also popular topics.

The first three places are taken by the Frankfurter soup, the Hungarian rice cake, and slime, which is sodium borate added to water.

There are some other tasty foods in the top 10. Doughnuts, Hungarian cocoa rolls, apple cake and Linzer dough all strengthen the category of cakes and sweets. There are some traditional Hungarian meals on the list, too, like the Hungarian goulash soup and potato paprikash. Hamburger meat is also in the top 10.



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