Ivett Tóth figure skating Winter Olympics
Kangnung, 2018. február 21. Tóth Ivett a nõi mûkorcsolyázók rövidprogramjában a phjongcshangi téli olimpián a Kangnung Jégcsarnokban 2018. február 21-én. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt

As you might know, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games have been going on for quite a while in PyeongChang. The Hungarian team has not managed to win any medals so far, however, some of our athletes have attracted quite a lot of attention in the past days.

In general, Hungary is not known to be a winter sports nation, although we have recently seen beautiful results in short track speed skating for instance. For the rest, we don’t have to fear out athletes, they manage to attract attention in different ways.

The first event that rocked the international press was the weak performance of freestyle skier Elizabeth Swaney. Her performance went viral with many people wondering how she could qualify for such an event.

Elizabeth Swaney freestyle skiing Winter Olympics
Photo: MTI/ZsoltCzeglédi

According to Origo.hu, the 33-years-old athlete has Hungarian ancestors, this is why she was allowed to compete in Hungarian colours. Other than that, she lives and trains in the USA.

Experts say that her most complicated trick was a “simple” alley-oop (the skier rotates 180 degrees or more). Out of the 24 contestants, she finished in the last place.

Reuters writes that the Hungarian Olympic Committee has announced that they must learn from the lesson and consider rethinking the nomination procedures. Meanwhile, the athlete tried to defend herself by saying that she was aware that she had to improve, but she tried to give her best.

On the brighter side of life, the 19-year old Hungarian figure skater, Ivett Tóth attracted the attention of the international press with her rocker performance.

She broke the traditions and performed an energetic, cool choreography to AC/DC’s Black in Black and Thunderstruck.

Naturally, some people criticised her choice, but most people were dazzled by her brave approach. For instance, Twitter has been full of appreciative words. Juliet Macur, the sports journalist of The New York Times posted the following tweet:

Thunder Levin criticised the American commentators for judging Ivett’s performance:


Origo.hu writes that the lovers of rock music are straight up amazed by her studded vest that depicts the band’s legendary guitarist on the back.


Finally, we must mention that there are other Hungarians who we can be proud of. The women’s short track relay (3000 m) finished in the 4th place, while we can still root for, among others, the popular Liu brothers.

Featured image: MTI

Source: http://www.origo.hu/, https://www.reuters.com/

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