Daily News Hungary recently published a list of the most popular Hungarian movies on IMDb. The present article, as a sort of continuation of that, presents the highest rated Hungarian television shows on the internet’s most significant online movie database: IMDb.

Aranyélet [Golden Life]

Year: 2015-2018 Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller IMDb Score: 9,0 Creators: Roope Lehtinen, Mikko Pöllä, Gábor Krigler Stars: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Eszter Ónodi, Zsolt Anger, Renátó Olasz, Laura Döbrösi

Plot: The show is about the Hungarian Miklósi family living such a fabulous life in Budapest that it is too good to be true. Head of the family, Attila provides for his family by doing low-profile criminal activities, such as smuggling, fraud or stealing. When Attila’s father dies, he decides to finally give up his way of living and become a decent person. However, this transformation challenges the very foundations of his family.

The show was produced by HBO Europe and premiered on November 8, 2015, on HBO Hungary.

After the commercial and critical success of the first season, HBO renewed it for a second, then the third season. The third and final season is set to be released in late 2018.

Terápia [In Treatment]

Year: 2012-Present Genre: Drama IMDb Score: 8,7 Creators: Levi Hagai Stars: Pál Mácsai, Eszter Csákányi, Zsófia Szamosi

This show is the Hungarian adaptation of the top-rated Israeli television show of the same title.

Plot: The show aims to show what happens during psychotherapy behind closed doors. The show follows the story of five patients who go to the same doctor portrayed by Pár Mácsai. The twist occurs when it turns out that the doctor himself seeks help from another professional to deal with his own problems. Thus, the series shows how important mental health is, and that there is no shame in asking for help from a healthcare professional.

In Treatment is also produced by HBO Hungary.

Magyar Népmesék [Hungarian Folktales]

Year: 1980-2012 Genre: Animation IMDb Score: 8,9 Creators: Ferenc Mikulás, Marcell Jankovics

Hungarian Folktales is an animated series from the golden era of Hungarian animated cartoons. Each episode is based on a Hungarian folk tale and uses many Hungarian cultural symbols. The show aimed to preserve the cultural treasures of the Hungarian peasantry. If you are interested, check out our detailed article on the show and its origins:

Hungarian Folktales – an animated series, a cultural icon

A Mézga család különös kalandjai [The fantastic adventures of the Mézga family]

Year: 1969-1978 Genre: Animation IMDb Score: 8,5 Creators: József Romhányi, József Nepp

Three TV series were produced: A message from the future – The fantastic adventures of the Mézga family, The Adventures of Aladár Mézga and The Mézga Family on Holiday.

The Mézga family’s adventures start when in the first series, the family makes contact with MZ/X, their descendant from the 30th century, with whom their son Aladár made contact.

In each episode, MZ/X sends them, through time and space, various hypermodern gadgets which always results in disaster.

A mi kis falunk [Our little town]

Year: 2017-Present Genre: Comedy IMDb Score: 8,1 Creators: Anett Kormos, Iván Kapitány, Balázs Juszt Stars: Imre Csuja, Rozi Lovas, Tamás Lengyel, Zoltán Schmied

Plot: The show is set in the fictional town of Pajkaszeg, which has a population of 147. The show portrays the everyday life in the town through funny, lively and really Hungarian characters, like the body-building priest, the dumb policeman or the playboy football coach.

The TV series portrays the Hungarian countryside in a really authentic and funny way; and for this reason, it is one of the most beloved television shows in Hungary today.

Válótársak  [Divorce]

Photo: Facebook.com/rtlvalotarsak/

Year: 2015-2018 Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama IMDb Score: 7,9 Creators: Linda de Mol, Dániel Kovács Stars: András Stohl, Péter Scherer, Tamás Lengyel

This show is based on the Danish television show Divorce.

Plot: The TV show is about three men: Bálint, Dávid and Joci. They all have their own problems at home. Bálint constantly cheats on his wife Zsófi, so she throws him out of their apartment. Dávid and Tamara’s long-lasting marriage seems to go flat and they are slowly drifting apart. Joci and his girlfriend Szonja have trouble conceiving, so Szonja starts to go through hormone treatment and becomes emotionally unstable, which, after a while, is too much for Joci to handle, so he leaves her. These three men move in together and start living that all so fabulous, or so they thought bachelor life.

Társas Játék

Társas játék
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Year: 2011-2013 Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama IMDb Score: 8,0 Creator: Gábor Herendi Stars: Dorina Martinovics, Kornél Simon, Móni Balsai, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Lia Pokorny, György Gazsó.

Plot: The show tells the chronicles of the lives of young urban adults in Budapest.

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Source: www.imdb.com; Wikipedia

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