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Are you looking for a spectacular picnic spot outside Budapest where lovely short walks and beautiful green surroundings go hand in hand? Would you like to spend a day in the proximity of nature accompanied by amazing dishes right out of your picnic basket? Then what you need to do is simply browsing through the best Hungarian spots listed in this article and relax outside while absorbing some vitamin D.

1. Veránka, an isolated romantic island on the Danube

Have you ever heard about this idyllic island located on the western part of Érsekcsanád surrounded by the Rezéti-Duna? If no, then you should absolutely get familiar with it since it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city life and thus is perfect for a little outing.

As reports, the specialty of this little island is that it is only approachable by boat since no bridge connects it to the mainland.

The island, where you can consume your home-made food right on the bank of the river, also gives a home to many animals. This place is also the perfect choice for those who are ready for some adrenaline rush since rowing trips are regularly organised on the Danube. However, do not forget to sign up for one in advance as it is a very popular activity among tourists.

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2. Azálea Valley, the home of dazzling colours and fragrance

There is nothing better on a beautiful, sunny afternoon than lying on a blanket and absorbing the fragrance of various flowers. The Azálea Valley is rightly famous for its brilliant colours and diverse fragrance dominating the landscape, and it is only a short distance away from the centre of Zalaegerszeg.

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The Valley has an exceptional microclimate favourable for diverse species, and since the beginning of the 60s, various types of flowers have been planted there. Although its evergreen plants are very noteworthy, this valley is most notable for its azalea flowering shrubs blooming in spring, as claims

These days, approximately 1,000 species of the this flower live in the world, but in this valley, you can walk among 3,000 azalea bushes.

Amazing, right?  Which place would be ideal for a picnic?! 🙂

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3. Apci tarn, where a picnic takes place at a death-defying height

An amazing panorama will unfold before your eyes if you decide to visit this tarn located in the south-west part of the Mátra Mountains. As writes, this little tarn was born as the result of a natural process during which the pit, where once a mine had operated, was filled up with rain and groundwater. 10-15-meter-high cliffs surround the lake, so it is highly advisable to watch your step when looking for the ideal spot. 🙂

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There is enough space for settling down with a picnic basket and consuming the already prepared sandwiches in undisturbed tranquillity. Although the water might be a bit cold for swimming, it will at least discourage you from jumping into it. By the way, it is not really advisable to bathe in a lake that was a former mine since you never know when it gets deeper.

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4. Szalajka Valley, a splendid natural beauty

This amazing tourist destination is located at the feet of the Bükk Mountains, 25 km from Eger. According to, the name of the valley refers to the potash burning that was the main resource of living for the residents of Szilvásvárad in the 19th century.

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This place offers everything for an idyllic day in nature: from natural beauties through a narrow-gauge railway to freshly cooked trout. In fact, the latter one can also be the perfect basis for your picnic if you do not want to prepare much in advance. The best picnic spot of this valley is undoubtedly found at the feet of the Fátyol waterfall, on the Gloriett clearing, from where you can admire the unique surrounding.

5. Lillafüred, the home of peace and tranquillity

One of the unique picnic spots of Hungary is found in Lillafüred. The town is only 10 km from Miskolc, in the southern part of the Bükk Mountains where the Valley of the Szinva brook is found. The 20-meter-high waterfall is absolutely a stunning attraction, but it might be too touristy for a picnic, so let’s try to find a picnic spot around the artificial Lake Hámori where you can recharge your energy and spirit in a marvellous surrounding.

Lillafüred libegő park

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