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The official randitérkép [date map] to Budapest is now available. The map is the brainchild of urban walking tour agency Járunk? and POKET Zsebkönyvek [POKET pocket books]. It may come as no surprise that the bank of the Danube is the most popular date location among couples.

If you have not been living in Budapest long enough, or if you have lived here for far too long to come up with new ideas, this map is for you. Check out where most locals go to meet their (potential) loved ones in Budapest.

Surprisingly, Margaret Island and the Buda Castle were chosen as an ideal date location in Budapest by only one-fifth of the respondents, Magyarországkúl writes. Interesting differences were detected between the preferences of the younger and the older generations, as well as between people from the Buda and from the Pest side of the capital.

Older people seem to prefer spending a cosy hour or two at Margaret Island.

It was also revealed that men usually like Margaret Island better than women.

People living on the Buda side of the city regard Budapest’s Castle District to be the perfect date location. Statistically, every 5th person living in Buda chooses to go to the castle district to have a romantic evening.

However, people living in Pest seemed to prefer any location other than the castle district (9 out of 10 respondents).

Another famous sight in Budapest: the Tomb of Gül Baba is also a very well-liked location among thirty-something people. Of course, the most well-known sights of the city such as the banks of the Danube or the Buda Castle, are definitely on the map. However, people also really like discovering the hidden, more secretive parts of the capital.

Budapest’s date map can be purchased from the POKET vending machines that can be found all over the city.

Automats selling pocketbooks at Budapest’s junctions to be launched

If you are single and in no need of possible date locations, check out this other cool map that shows you where you can get the best Hungarian wines.

The date map also appears in a video (featuring popular Hungarian actress Eszter Ónódi) that was created for the 145th birthday of Budapest.

Featured image: Illustration/Pixabay


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