Sometimes people can type the weirdest questions into a search engine like Google about countries, famous people, cities, food and basically anything you can imagine. Today, in the world of the Internet, there is no secret question anymore. In the first part of this article, here are some of the weirdest and most searched questions about Hungary.

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Is Hungary in the EU?

Yes, it is. Hungary became the official member of the European Union on May 1 2004. The contract of the agreement was signed in April 2003 in Athens, Greece.

Is Hungary a poor country?

Hungary’s economy started to perceivably decline in 2006, two years before the outbreak of the global economic crisis, with shrinking employment, decreasing real wages and growing unemployment. The decline, however, came to a halt in 2010, and real wages started to increase again in 2012. Almost a quarter (25.6%) of Hungarians are threatened by poverty or social exclusion.

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Is Hungary safe?

Hungary is considered to be a safe country in the EU. The number of tourists is on the rise as more and more people trust the Hungarian capital and the feedbacks are mainly positive about the country’s safety. Also, the number of crimes are decreasing, but on the other hand, the number of car and train accidents, unfortunately, do not.

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Is Hungary the part of NATO?

Yes, it is, since March 12, 1999.

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Is Hungary in Eastern Europe?

The country is located in Central Europe. Spanning 93,030 square kilometres in the Carpathian Basin, it borders Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, Romania to the east and southeast, Serbia to the south, Croatia and Slovenia to the southwest, and Austria to the west with an approximate 10 million inhabitants.

Is Hungary a Slavic country?

Aside from Austria and Romania, Hungary is surrounded by Slavic nations, but the country is not part of that language. The origins of Hungarians, or Magyars, is a topic of heated debate and fantastical theories abound. Most experts agree that the Magyar tribes originated somewhere between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains in present-day Russia.

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