writes that Europe’s best egg decorator, master of folk arts and crafts, Kati Zsigóné made a special ostrich egg as a surprise for this upcoming Easter. It took her months to make this valuable artwork designed with carvings and floral patterns with a rare technique. She amazes her audience with the most magical eggs from year to year; however, this year’s egg is truly unique.

“This year’s surprise was made with the most complicated technique: I carved traditional floral pattern into an ostrich egg. Since I’m very enthusiastic I work quickly: the carving procedure lasted for three weeks and so did the planning. I didn’t use any colours on the egg, it is only designed with the floral pattern, but I think that its originality makes it brilliant” said Kati.

zsigóné kati2

The carved ostrich egg is quite a valuable piece of artwork, its estimated value is around 600 000 forints.  Its value is increased by the floral pattern, the naturalism of the egg, the symmetry, which is taken from our traditions, and lastly: the rarely used carving technique. The folk artist’s works like this are usually bought by collectors and investors. She esteems herself lucky for being able to live the success of her work and for her creations becoming more and more valuable.

“The Queen of Egg Decorating” was chosen as one of the best five egg decorators in Dubai, and as the best egg decorator in Europe. She decorates almost 300 types of Easter eggs with twenty techniques while staring in eight branches of art. You can image that her apartment is up to a real museum.

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