Have you ever played table tennis at Heroes’ Square? Come out to take part in a real salsa street party! Would it be nice to serve in the moonlight? Have you ever been doing the zumba so joyfully that the Mucsarnok Art Gallery has quivered? Have you ever spent the night bycicling with many people with you? Run with the stars on the most beautiful streets of Budapest! One night when you can try youlself in 10+1 different sports, mozgasejszakaja.hu reports.

Come alone , with friends or with your family. Get out your colleague, outrun your boss, paddle in the moonlight with your classmates.

Mozgasejszakaja.hu said , you can run or bicycle on the floodlit Andrassy street, play table tennis at Heroes’ Square , play badminton at Budapest City Park(Varosliget). Many swimming pool will be opened on that night, the zumba and the salsa party are waiting for you. You can come to know what speedminton and nordic walking are. On the Budapest City Park Lake you can try out hang-glinding.

Motion is health , fun and fellowship. What’s more, a real adventure! Don’t forget: this event is free to visit but registration is required. You must be there!

You can try the following sports:
-dragon boat
-table tennis
-nordic walking

Here is some useful information:

Do I have to buy a ticket?
This event is free to visit but you should register, for running and bicycling it is required. Neverthless the connecting pools have door money, the preferential price is 350 Ft.

Where will the event take place?
This event will take place in the heart of Budapest: Heroes’ Square, Andrassy Street and the City Park . You can check the locations here : http://mozgasejszakaja.hu/#terkep

When will it start and when will it be finished?
Between 10.00pm and 4.00am you can try our more than 10 different sports. You can find the detailed program here: http://mozgasejszakaja.hu/program

What if I haven’t done the registration until the event?
You can come without registration but you can’t take part in the running and bicycling without that. Neverthless it is recommended to make a registration for the other activities too. Independently of this you can try them on the spot whichever sport you want .

What should I bring?
Your friends and your cheerfulness, perhaps food or drink but you can buy them ont he spot too.

How should I get dressed?
Let it be proper and comfortable for your chosen activity. It is proposed to bring a sweater or a jacket in case the weather bacome cooler.

Can I get sports equipments on the spot or should I carry my own?
Bicycle is not provided so be sure to carry yours! Think about safety too: there will be bicycle storage but you are supposed to use your own padlock.
For table tennis and badminton rackets and balls are provided, for nodric walking rods are provided too. If you’ve got used to use your own ones carry them.

Is it OK to go, event if I have never done sports before?
Of course! This is precisely the goal, to give the chance to experience the joy of movement for everybody.

What kind of prizes will there be?
This event is not a competition but a motion festival which is about the joy of movement and the community experience. Therefore there won’t be any prizes.

Can everybody take part at this event?
Anybody can take part after receiving the armband on entry. This armband is available at the information desk.

Will there be night public transport?
Charter buses will transporting . These will stop at Heroes’ Square , Oktogon and Deak Ferenc Square. Buses will go in every 15 minutes until 2.00am. After that, buses will transporting in every 30 minutes. In addition, parking lot is provided at „Otvenhatosok tere” for those who will come by car.

based on article of mozgasejszakaja.hu
translated by GAnina

Photo: kultography.blog.hu

Source: http://mozgasejszakaja.hu/

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