Last year, compared to the previous year, the number of registered crimes has decreased, and the police have investigated more successfully, said the chief police officer of Budapest, at the press conference following the assembly meeting summarizing the year 2015, Budapest’s offical page reports.

According to the data presented by Gábor Bucsek, last year compared to year 2014 the number of registered crimes has decreased with 15,892 cases, and the so-called investigation effectiveness index has raised from 39% to 39.4%. He added that all this is a great improvement towards the progress of citizens’ subjective feeling of security.

After listing the measures thanks to which the statistics are in progress, he emphasized that police officers have spent 8600 more hours on the public places of Budapest, if compared to last year’s data. Thanks to their efforts too, the number of crimes committed in public places has decreased by five times. He also mentioned it among the newly introduced measures that in cases when formerly public order patrols were sent out, now case investigators are being sent out, which resulted in the improvement of efficiency indicators. said, with regards to crimes he said that the number of homicides has decreased from 43 to 33, and all cases were sold. The number of robberies decreased from 824 to 639, the number of despoliations decreased from 1375 to 1242, the number of motor vehicle thefts decreased from 2907 to 1859. There were also a 1700 less residential home burglaries than the previous year, and the the rate of successfully solved cases has increased from 5.5% to 7.3%.

With regards to narcotic drugs he said that last year Budapest police officers have confiscated 72.2 kilograms of marijuana, 1270 roots of wild types of Cannabis, 950 grams of cocaine, 13 kg of amphetamine, 5 kilograms of hashish, 31,300 pills and 2.5 kilograms.

With regards to crime prevention he reported that special attention is given to young people below 18, as well as to the elderly above 65. Their new concept is that when the plaintiff is in this age, as mentioned above, a crisis analysis is conducted, and the habitat of the person is warned about threats of becoming a victim.

Concerning the tasks related illegal migration he said that during the monitoring activities in the capital city, 4092 people were captured for staying in Hungary illegally, four times more than the previous year, and also 40 people were held for human trafficking in Budapest.

He also emphasized that a command centre has been created, as a result of which police officer can get to the location much quicker. Till the establishment of the centre the reaction-time was 38 minutes, and in 2015 it has decreased to 15 minutes.


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