The Pécs Zoo is going to open on 20 May, writes. The total cost of the reconstruction was 1.8 billion HUF.

Zsolt Páva, mayor of Pécs, said that the old building of the Zoo was rebuilt in 2 years using only EU funds; the technical part is already finished, and the animals are gradually moved to the Zoo located on the Mecsek Hills on a 3.5 ha area.

The new Zoo will have pumas, Persian leopards, warthogs, Bengal tigers, ring-tailed lemurs, zebra- and reef sharks, lynx, and lions, and the Zoo is about to purchase zebras,  South American coatis, a brown bear, birds of prey, chameleons, and tree pythons.

The Pécs Zoo is the only Zoo of the Southern Transdanubia region and was built in 1961 with the help of social Pécs Zooworkers; that’s why the building had to be demolished, so a completely new, modern building could be constructed. Thanks to the project there’s no risks to nearby waters getting contaminated.

The project included the building of new parking lots for visitors and tourist buses, a new registration centre, and an ecotourism centre, to demonstrate the flora and fauna of the Mecsek Hills and the nearby areas.

The Zoo has thematic sections with a petting zoo, big cages for the birds and large cats, predatory animals, and hippopotami. There will be separate cages for crocodiles, seals, and chimpanzees.

The former Aquarium-Terrarium, located in the city centre, was moved to the registration centre of the new building. The ground floor gives home to the aquarium and the seal pool, while the terrarium was moved to the first floor, and there will be a meeting- and training room as well.

There will be special offers on the opening day; the Zoo will inform visitors one week before.

Photos: MTI/Sóki Tamás

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  1. In 2012 I visited that Zoo. I was shocked by the surcumstances the wild animals were kept there.
    Now I am more then pleased to read about this change in the city of Pecs.

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