In the category of breaking news the most prestigious news award of the United States was given to the New York Times and the Thomas Reuters news agency for their work on the 2015 refugee crisis, writes.

With that step two Hungarian photographers have been honoured and Hungary could be happy for their success; however, what the photo shows and what actually happened, couldn’t be any different. The news agencies spread fake news. (Daily News Hungary also reported the incident, including the video which clearly shows what happened, and the false accusations).

The photo was taken at the peak of the refugee crisis last September, at the train station in Bicske: a migrant who was fed up with the whole process grabbed a woman and her baby, and pulled them down onto the tracks. The police tried to pull the man up to prevent a possible tragedy. It all happened in front of the press and many of them took photos, the winner among them.

The Reuters also published the photos with the caption „Hungarian policemen stand by the family of migrants as they wanted to run away at the railway station in the town of Bicske.” 

The international press also used the photo to discredit Hungary and spread false news; none of them cared what happened in reality, as they only focused on getting more readers, and disregarded human decency and the ethics of journalism.

And this photo, with a false caption, became celebrated in the United States, where democracy should be more important than anything.

Photo: YouTube

Copy editor: bm


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