Vienna, November 24 (MTI) – Photos released by the media depicting police handling of migrants at the railway station in Bicske, in northern Hungary, in early September were misleading, the Austrian Press Council has ruled.

The council said that photos covering the migrant crisis must always be released in the right context. The council specifically noted a photo depicting Hungarian police reaching for a migrant and his family who are lying on the railway tracks. According to the caption, police wanted to take the family to the town’s refugee camp against their will.

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Several readers complained to the press council that the photos covering the events in Bicske were misleading.

The council said in its statement that the man deliberately dragged his wife and son onto the railway tracks, and did not fall onto the tracks because of police intervention.

The press council said the photos covering the incident misled the public and implied police brutality in the handling of migrants. The council said that if photos are released in the wrong context or if coverage about an incident is inaccurate, the news organisation has a duty to issue a correction.

The Austrian Press Council is a self-regulatory body established to handle complaints regarding content in the country’s news outlets. The council’s rulings are not legally binding.


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  1. Mrs Merkel has yet to convince me that not stemming the migration flow from Africa and Asia is the solution to this crisis which is still continuing and building up momentum. She has by her invitation to the whole world caused this crisis. Firstly she cannot cope with the existing numbers of migrants and also to process them by finding out who they really are. It seems from the attack in Paris aided by inadequate border supervision that some of these Is combatants came in via the migration way which endangers all of us.

    Regretably the only sane way is to process migrants properly prior to their entry which should be based on an Australian type of points system and those unsuitable should be sent back.

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