was informed that the migrants who have recently arrived to the temporary camp at Körmend were peeping at teenage girls when they were having practice. The officer on duty asked them to leave, reported. One of the migrants also kicked in a window.

Parents are afraid to send their children for practice, but the police says that the news about misbehaving migrants have no basis. During a press conference on Thursday the superintendent of Vas County said that there were no witnesses to confirm who damaged the window, and no one is allowed into the gymnasium apart from the students and teachers. Also, no one was harmed.

The temporary camp is completely open; migrants can come and go anytime. Many even walked through the border and entered Austria, but the country has recently introduced border control which will last for at least six months.

An additional 40 migrants arrived to the camp on Wednesday which borders the glass wall of the high school’s gymnasium. After the migrants arrived they were peeping at the teenage girls who were having practice at the time. The school’s officer on duty asked them to leave, and one of the migrants reacted by kicking in the window.

According to EU laws no camp can be closed, therefore migrants are free to wander around the city. The camp is located opposite to a Tesco supermarket, and it’s on the same ground as the BM Rendészeti Szakközépiskola (a high school training border guards and members of the police force). The school’s gymnasium can be entered through the same gate as the temporary camp.

András Faragó, president of the Körmendi DMTE Handball Association said that the practice was cancelled immediately and the girls had to be taken to a safer place. Faragó also said that parents are worried, and many of them are angry because the city is unable to protect their children. Police presence was increased everywhere, except in the most crucial area.

Many parents refuse to let their children practice until the migrants are near the gymnasium, and the coach had to cancel all the sessions.

One of the parents said that, although her daughter is playing handball regularly, she will not allow her to participate in the summer camp because her safety is not guaranteed in the gymnasium.

There’s still no answer why the government allowed the temporary camp to be placed near the gymnasium, and why it had to be Körmend, where only 12,000 people live. Jobbik demands immediate action, and organized a protest to 6 May to close the camp immediately.

On the other hand, the government denies that there is anything going on in Körmend, and stated during the press conference that the city is calm: there’s no sign of any atrocities, and  the police forces maintain public order.


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