According to Blikk, Sándor Csányi is going to be on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list in 2016, reports The World’s Billionaires list is annually compiled by Forbes, and the first place is eternally reserved for Bill Gates.

No Hungarian businessman has ever been on the Forbes list, which consists of billionaires only; Sándor Csányi, current chairman and chief executive officer of the OTP Bank Group is going to be the first one with his 287.9 billion HUF.

Csányi’s case is peculiar because it was Gattyán György who occupied the first place on the Forbes Hungary list with 174.3 billion HUF; Csányi was only second with 159.5 billion HUF. According to Blikk, Forbes has asked for Csányi’s reports on his interests and investments in Singapore, to determine his exact wealth.

The Forbes World’s Billionaires List is going to be out in March 2016, and according to Márton Galambos, editor in chief of Forbes Hungary, it’s going to consist of 1700 people. The editor added that they were searching for Csányi’s interests and investments, and the Forbes Magazine accepted their report. Csányi was also informed, but he made no comments.

According to Forbes Hungary, Sándor Csányi has first place now with 287.9 billion HUF, Gattyán is the second with 165.4 billion HUF, László Bige, owner of the Nitrogénművek Zrt. is third with 157.3 billion HUF, and Sándor Demján, Chairman of TriGránit if fourth with 155.6 billion HUF.

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