Forbes list of richest Hungarian people was published. There is no big surprise in the lead, if not that Sándor Csányi is even richer than it has been calculated so far, wrote.

The Singapore interests of OTP bank’s leader have not been calculated into his assets so far. He keeps HUF 64.5 billion in his fund called Sertorius there, at least Forbes could find this.

The total assets of Csányi are worth HUF 287.9 billion which means he entered the club of US dollar billionaires, that is, for example he is on the list of Forbes World Billionaires, even if just at the end.

This is interesting because his fortune was estimated at “only” HUF 159.5 billion, but Forbes calculated nearly the double of it with the growth of assets and the money of the Singapore fund a year after.

Where is the increase of wealth from? Csányi was involved in the sale of TriGránit, which was a huge business; he also had big income from real estate market, while he became an important actor of the energy market. But what hit really hard that he gained unshakable positions in the agriculture by the acquisition of KITE. KITE had HUF 230 billion revenue last year, it is no wonder that László Bige (whose assets are mainly from fertilizer production) – who is third on the list of Forbes – left no stone unturned to get the company, wrote.

Another curiosity is that Lajos Simicska is now the 6th on the list.

Here is the list:

1. Sándor Csányi HUF 287.9 billion
2. György Gattyán HUF 165.4 billion
3. László Bige HUF 157.3 billion
4. Sándor Demján HUF 155.6 billion
5. Gábor Széles HUF 125 billion
6. Lajos Simicska HUF 112
7. Tibor Veres HUF 107 billion
8. Lajos Kasza HUF 92.8 billion
9. György Waberer HUF 81.3 billion
10. Tamás Rákosi HUF 78 billion

The spring’s list of

1.Sándor Csányi – HUF 165 billion (+15 bn compared to 2014), finance, real estate, agriculture
2. László Bige – HUF 160 billion (+15) chemical industry, agriculture
3. Gábor Várszegi – HUF 115 million (-15) investments
4. Sándor Demján – HUF 93 billion (+1) finance, real estate, investments
5. Gábor Széles – HUF 92 billion (+4), contract manufacturing, tourism, media
6. György Gattyán – HUF 90 million (-45), information technology, media, film, fashion
7. Tibor Veres  – HUF 85 billion (-1) real estate investment
8. Tamás Rákosi  – HUF84 billion (+5) media investment
9. György Wáberer  – HUF 80 billion (+7) transportation, logistics, Financial Services
10. Lajos Simicska – (?) HUF 73 billion construction industry, media, agriculture

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Photo: MTI (on the right: Sandor Csanyi)


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  1. George Soros is the richest Hungarian in the world, unless Jews are not allowed to be considered Hungarian.

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