History, art and tradition in one magnificent place – this is the New York Café. Lobu.hu writes that ucityguides.com chose New York Café as the most beautiful café in the world, thus coming before places like the Café Florian in Venice, the Café Central in Vienna and Café de la Paix in Paris.

So our pride, the New York Café passed quite famous cafés and cities, not to mention that there are many similarly beautiful cafés around the world that didn’t even make it into the top 10, which makes this success even more honourable.

The list includes cafés that are so traditional that they even have their own chapters in guidebooks. These places essentially also function as museums due to their breath-taking interior design. They regularly organise literary and other cultural events, which you can enjoy while drinking your favourite coffee or savouring dessert specialities.

“There’s no literature without cafés” said Sándor Márai, famous 20th century Hungarian writer, who frequently visited and was inspired by the historical building of the New York Café. His saying perfectly demonstrates how the café’s history was joined with literature. And even though the café lived through different eras, regimes and life-changing events, the “World’s Most Beautiful Café” was always able to renew.

new york café interior

The building, which was renovated by the Boscolo group not too long ago, still means and represents the same values in the 21st century than it did in former times. During the renovation they paid special attention to keeping the café’s original glory, motives, arrangement and its exclusive interior and style.

The article writes about New York Café that “this Budapest legend was the meeting place of artists in the early 20th century. Recently renovated by designer Adam Tihany, it maintains a dazzling gilded interior featuring ornate lamps and paintings on the ceiling mixed with contemporary furnishings. Found connected to the Boscolo Budapest Hotel, it is now both a café and full-blown restaurant, welcoming locals and tourists who sit at the mirrored tables for traditional Italian and local dishes to the sound of chill-out music and often short performances by local actors”.

What the café rightfully advertises is now official and known by foreigners as well: the New York Café is the world’s most beautiful café!

Photos: www.newyorkcafe.hu

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Source: http://www.lobu.hu/

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