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Christmas celebration would not be complete without a delicious and special meal in the evening. While eating different kinds of traditional Christmas foods, it is inevitable to drink something alcoholic – after all, it is a celebration. Hungarian wines are perfect for Christmas celebrations, and we have a wide range to choose from.

Forbes Magazine recently reported that it was the second time when the International Aszú Day was held in Tokaj, Hungary’s famous wine region. Aszú is one of the most excellent types of wine in the world because its production is expensive and time-consuming. It comes in a variety of different flavours. Every type of aszú is perfect for each meal served during dinner. There are aszú’s for soups, meats, fish, and desserts, too. It has a distinctive bouquet and contains different amounts of sugar as well.

The Tokai aszú is the most suitable, essential wine type for traditional Hungarian Christmas desserts. These wines are not just the part of the Hungarian Christmas celebrations, but also important parts of the Hungarian culture. That is the reason why it is a special feeling to drink aszú while you are spending your time with your loved ones.

These are the top three ‘puttonyos aszú’ wines you need to taste during your Christmas time!

Puttonyos is the unit given to denote the level of sugar and hence the sweetness of these Hungarian dessert wines.

Sugar levels (grams per litre)

  • 3 Puttonyos – 60
  • 4 Puttonyos – 90
  • 5 Puttonyos – 120
  • 6 Puttonyos – 150
  • Aszú Eszencia – 450

Sauska 6 Puttonyos aszú 2013

This wine is described as the contemporary aszú of Tokaj. It is fresh, light, easy to drink and easy to understand. It contains different kind of citruses, white and yellow flowers, golden raisin, dried chamomile, and a little bit of ginger. It contains more sugar than regular aszús, and that is why its taste is like medicines containing herbs. This wine is ideal for honey cream cake and Esterházy cake. It costs approximately 19,500 HUF (60 Euros).

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Hétszőlő Grape yard 5 Puttonyos aszú 2008

With approximately 151 grams of sugar, it is truly a mature wine. Its taste is like nuts, nuts liquor, and a little bit of black tea. Unfortunately, it is not as popular today as it used to be, but it still can make people happy. It can also contain some golden raisin, dried chamomile, and some blood-orange. It is considered to be a beautiful and complex wine, which makes it the older generations’ favourite one. It is ideal for bejgli, the traditional Hungarian Christmas cake. It costs approximately 11,500 HUF (35 Euros).

Tokaj, wine, aszú

Patrician Wine House 6 Puttonyos aszú 2008

30% of this wine is from linden leaves. It has a beautiful and pleasant aszú scent with apricot, honey, and chamomile tea. This aszú is harmonic, its taste is classic, and its scent makes its drinking even more magnificent. It is mature and balanced. According to wine experts, this is the best wine for Christmas season. It is perfect for gingerbread, cakes with peach jam and orange cakes. It costs approximately 20,000 HUF (62 Euros).

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