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The Times Expert Traveller published an article in which they recommend the top things to do in Budapest. They believe these are the ones no one should miss when coming to discover the Hungarian capital.

This is The Times Expert Traveller’s guide to exploring Budapest.

Sights to see

St Stephen’s Basilica, Photo: Pixabay

There are so many tourist sights in the Hungarian capital that it is almost impossible to visit them all during one trip. However, according to The Times Expert Traveller, there are five must-see sights: St Stephen’s Basilica, the Great Market Hall, the House of Terror, the State Opera House, and the Parliament Building.

Activities to do

Millennium Underground, Budapest, transport
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Florian Fevre

The Times Expert Traveller recommends taking a Free Budapest Tour, where locals show you around their favourite spots of the city. They also suggest riding Budapest’s oldest metro line M1 (the yellow train) and taking the Castle Hill Funicular to explore Buda’s rolling hills. Taking a stroll along Andrássy Avenue to Heroes’ Square is also on the list, which enables travellers to travel back in time and get a glimpse of how historic this city really is. Of course, Margaret Island and the famous thermal baths could not be missed either; the journal recommends the Ottoman Rudas, Széchenyi, and Lukács baths in particular.

Places to visit

Hungary CNN Travel Budapest

In order to experience that Budapest feeling, The Times Expert Traveller offers a wide variety of bars and restaurants to visit. Foodwise, they recommend the Street Food Karaván, Flour Style Wok Bar, Dobrumba, Konyha, and Cafe Csiga. They also praise the famous New York Cafe & Gerbeaud, as well as well-known ruin bar Szimpla, Mazel Tov, Eleszto, Doblo, and Ruszwurm.


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