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This year too, compiled their list of the 100 most valuable purely Hungarian businesses. It was a good year for the Hungarian economy; as two-thirds of the listed businesses worth more than a year ago.

This is the second occasion that appraised the 100 most valuable businesses entirely in Hungarian ownership. The total value of the top businesses has increased compared to the previous year.

The increase is significant;

from last year’s 6.36 Billion € (2035 Billion Ft) it increased to 8.71 Billion € (2788.2 Billion Ft). These businesses supply workplace to over 60.000 people, and their total income was over 17 Billion € (5444.2 Ft).

In contrast to last year’s division by county, Zala county is not represented by any businesses this year, but similar to last year, neither Nógrád nor Somogy county seats any of the top 100 enterprises.

Videoton Holding remained as the leader,

but there are some new enterprises among the runner-ups. This year merged the groups together and used consolidated data where it was available, and where there were no consolidated data, they summed up the data themselves from publicly available information. The main criterion was not that these businesses need to be registered in Hungary, but rather that their ownership is entirely in the hands of Hungarian private individuals.

The top 5

  1.    Videoton Holding           –        723 Million € (231.4 Billion Ft)
  2.    Gattyán Group                 –        589 Million € (188.6 Billion Ft)
  3.    MPF Holding                      –         473 Million € (151,5 Billion Ft)
  4.    Bonafarm Group             –         398 Million € (127.3 Billion Ft)
  5.    Gránit-Pólus Group       –         386 Million € (123.5 Billion Ft)

Hungarian companies in connection with the car industry have greatly increased (suppliers, car part and vehicle sellers), but mainly those grow the most, who dare to risk, develop and invest most of their profit into their operation. It is true, that the best on this list are also successful and marketable abroad; these people often started from scratch or from their backyard after the Regime Change in the 90s.

The number of IT-companies is depressingly low and only a few managed to get in the top that started after 2000.


Hungary is still big-headed, at least concerning the number of enterprises based in the capital, Budapest. Although Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok is also a major contender, as from the 100 most valuable businesses more than 10% can be found here – 12% to be precise. Leading the ranking of counties outside of Pest county. The headquarters of three businesses are to be found abroad; MPF Holding is seated in Singapore, MET group is seated in Switzerland and Gattyán Group is seated in Luxemburg, but all of them have a significant Hungarian activity.


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