Hungary is full of natural wonders from lakes, rivers, forests to smaller or higher mountains, national parks, valleys, and plains. On the other hand, we must not forget about the fact that treasures are usually buried beneath the ground, and in Hungary, these are small and big cave systems you should not miss. Here are the top five picks!

The karst cavern systems of Aggtelek

The geographically connected Aggtelek and Slovakian karst consists of 1200 known caves, of which 280 open on the Hungarian side. These caves were formed approximately 2 million years ago within the 220–240 million-year-old Middle Triassic limestone. Most of the formations were created through the processes of flowing water, as streams acted as solvents and abrasives on the limestone. Many believe that some of these caves were even known and discovered by archaic humans.

Aggtelek, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Hanc Tomasz

The cave system of Pál-valley, Budapest

If you would like to see incredible caves, you do not need to travel a lot if you spend your time in the capital. In the suburbs of Budapest, the cave system of Pál-valley is the longest one in Hungary. The cave was discovered in 1904, and from 1919 it can be regularly visited on a 500 meters part with many exciting things to see. The temperature of the system is 11 Celcius even during the summer season.

Pál valley, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Christo

The cave system of Szemlő-mountain, Budapest

Families often visit this cave system with little children, and also schools, and kindergartens, because it hides a whole world of miracles and fairytales. Besides wandering around in the cave, visitors also have the opportunity to watch a short film about the cave and visit an interactive exhibition. After visiting the cave, its park on the surface offers an excellent opportunity for relaxing.

Szemlő mountain, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Christo

The cave of Abaliget

This cave is the biggest and longest one of the Mecsek-mountain system in South-Hungary, Baranya County (area of Pécs). The cave is a strictly protected natural area since 1982. Every year approximately 80,000 people visit this natural wonder where on well-built roads they can admire the miracles of the cave system. Since 2000, the cave also operates as a “healing-cave” because its air is beneficial for those who have respiratory problems.

Abaliget, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Kopoltra

The cave system of Tapolca

The approximately 14 million-year-old cave was discovered by accident in 1903. To explore this cave, you will not need your legs but your arms. This is the only cave in Hungary and in Central-Europe which can be observed from sitting in boats. The trail on which visitors can sail is 300 meters, and the cave’s temperature is 20 Celsius.  

Tapolca, cave, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Fauvirt

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons by Kopoltra

Top six hiking trails in Hungary

Hungary is blessed with nature’s best bounties like forests, valleys, caves, rare wildlife and scenic landscapes. The landlocked country has nine places declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Whether you are a native or a tourist, you must explore the following hiking trails at least once, for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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