Hungary is full of natural wonders from lakes, forests, plains to mountain ranges and caves beneath the ground. Besides these wonders, there are many special ones with unique and rare geological features. These top five natural points of Hungary are absolute musts if you spend your time wandering in the country.

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This natural spot of Hungary is a butte. In geomorphology, a butte is an isolated hill with steep, often vertical sides and a small, relatively flat top. The word “butte” comes from a French word meaning “small hill”. Hegyestű is located in the area of Balaton-felvidék in the Káli-medence. The visible basalt rocks are the remains of a volcano with a height of 338 meters. Since 1998, the spot operates as a geological museum.

Hegyestű, Hungary, nature, geological
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The strictly protected area of Ipolytarnóc is a world-famous palaeontology centre built in an area that was destroyed by a volcano 20 million years ago. The place has been suggested to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the future. As partof the Bükk National Park, the area and museum represent unique and rarely seen palaeontologic remains for visitors like million-year-old trees, footprints of prehistoric animals, shark teeth, and many more.

Ipolytarnóc, Hungary, nature, geological


This natural wonder is a 626 meters high hill next to Salgótarján (Nógrád County) close to the Hungarian border. The hill features a 2 km long trail for hikers and those who are interested in the geological remains (stones, rocks, volcanic remains) of the area.

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Badacsony is the name of a region on the north shore of Lake Balaton in western Hungary. It is basically a mountain top and a town in that region. The nearby basalt mountains are unique geological relics and the habitat of many rare plants and animals. These hills and shapes are peculiarly shaped results of volcanic activity, formed before the period wherein Pannonia was an active geologic unit. Badacsony is the central part of the Badacsony wine region.

Badacsony, Hungary, nature, geological
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This hill is the part of the Bükk mountain range and has been a strictly protected area since 1978. It is part of the famous Eger wine region and a popular region of hang gliding riders in Hungary. The area has rare and unique wildlife which is the main reason why many people visit this place year by year.

Nagy Eged Hegy, Hungary, nature, geological
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