Budapest city photography

Now and then we like to share videos about Budapest and Hungary that will probably come in handy for anyone desiring to visit our beautiful country. This time we came across a very cool travel guide that is actually part of a professional series, which is not only useful but also very pleasant to watch 😉

The video was shot by the Attaché YouTube channel, which claims to be the traveller’s travel show. “So we’re travelling around the world to give you everything you need to know to get the most out of those frequent trips;

where to eat, how to get around, how much things cost, and how to avoid those embarrassing breaches of cultural etiquette”

says their introduction.

And they seem to be really good at what they are doing. They offer professional footage that includes all of the abovementioned elements, and also some exciting details.

It starts at the airport, explaining how the transportation network of the city works, goes on with gastronomic recommendations and other touristic tips and finishes with a section dedicated to Corinthia Hotel Budapest, with which the filming crew partnered for the sake of the video.

They even interviewed a concierge, who probably has more experience in the subject than anybody else 🙂

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