The best ice creams competed for the 19th time to win the Ice Cream of the Year title in Szeged. The winner was chosen out of 85 contenders, reports.

The only criterion at this year’s competition was that the ice creams had to be based around sour cherry. Creativity plays a role in the outcome, but it is not always necessary. Traditional flavours have a chance to win as well, for example, the winner last year was a chocolate ice cream called Opera Royal.

The winners were announced in four categories: handmade artisan ice creams, ice creams made with convenience products such as powder mixtures, the ingredient distributor’s competition, and the so called “free” category, where gluten- and sugar-free ice creams competed, among others. The winners were chosen by a jury of 22 which included the confectioners of the best ice cream parlours and party shops, as well as Hungarian celebrities.

This year, the Ice Cream of the Year title was awarded to the ice cream ‘Vezúv’, which has a milky base, topped with chocolate, caramel and sour cherry. The ice cream was made by Henrietta Hiczkó from the Nándori Pastry Shop in Budapest. She competed for the title last year as well, and her ice cream came third in the “free” category.

Check out this video of the competition:


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