Singing the national anthem regardless of the result has become a tradition for supporters of the Hungarian hockey players, which habit is now widely recognised and admired around the world. writes that, on Sunday (May 8), not only the players of the Hungarian hockey team gave a memorable performance, but their fans did too. The team played against the Canadians at the Ice Hockey World Championships and the result was 1-7. However, despite the Hungarians were defeated by the Canadians, the supporters’ love toward the team mesmerized the North-Americans.

The TSN, Canadian sports channel included the clip of Hungarians singing the anthem in their Must see collection of videos, with the description: “In an incredible moment after the Canada/Hungary game, the Hungarian fans salute the performance of their team by singing the national anthem to their players.” Also, even the Canadian commentators watched the scene while standing.

Moreover, reports that the Swedish people are also amazed by the enthusiastic Hungarian hockey fans showing their support. The Swedish TV4 channel posted a video of Hungarians singing the anthem after the national team lost the game against Slovakia (1-4), even though normally they only play the winner team’s anthem after a game.

But the Hungarian fans have been singing it, regardless of the result. Though, interestingly, these two examples are not the earliest ones to show the dedication of the Hungarian hockey fans, as this singing tradition was present already in 2009, when, after being defeated by the Canadians (0-9), the fans sang just like they did at the beginning of the game.

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  1. Hungarians always display great sportmanship no matter the result. Mark of a great nation.

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