A two Michelin starred chief, Nicola Portinari helped the Dining Guide this year to find the best Hungarian restaurants. Twenty have passed the elimination and Portinari visited all of them before he made a decision, napi.hu writes.

First place was awarded to the Onyx restaurant led by Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll, and was given 92 points. Costes, another Michelin starred restaurant also got 92 points, and finished second place; it was followed by Borkonyha (Wine Kitchen) with 90+ points, and then Costes Downtown was given 90+ by the chef.

Salon functions as the Boscolo Budapest hotel’s restaurant and represents the Hungarian gastronomy; it was worth 87 points. The Hungarian regional restaurant, Babel, is also on the list with 86 points.

Arany Kaviár (Golden Caviar) is a fine dining restaurant which combines the gracefulness of the modern world with the robust pomp of the Russian czars; it was given 85 points, and was followed by MÁK Bistró with 84+ points. It’s the first time that the newly opened Émile is on the list, and it got 84 points. The Alabárdos restaurant closed the list with 83+ points.

Chef of the Onyx restaurant, Tamás Széll, received the Chef Performance of the Year Award for his performance at the Bocuse d’Or, while the Year’s Innovative Kitchen Award was given to Borkonyha (Wine Kitchen). Eszter Palágyi, chef of Costes, is now the proud owner of the Chef of the Year Award.  The Year’s Most Promising Restaurant Award was given to Émile restaurant which was opened last year, and Gábor Fehér, owner/chef of ESCA received the Year’s Talented Young Chef Award. In the street food category, PolaPola seemed to be the best and was given the Year’s Street Food Award.

Photo source: Onyx restaurant’s Facebook page

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Source: napi.hu

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