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American tourist injured in the cave of Mátyás Hill – PHOTOS

American tourist injured in the cave of Mátyás Hill – PHOTOS

According to, an accident was reported in the cave of Mátyás Hill Wednesday afternoon. The Hungarian Cave Rescue Team immediately went to rescue the young American tourist, who got injured in a narrow passage.

The 22-year-old American citizen took part in a guided, dungaree tour organised for tourists in the cave of Mátyás Hill. They were touring the most popular track called Big Circle, visited by dozens of tourists every day, and they reached a narrow section called Sandwich through a very flat path that can only be accessed in a crawling position. That was where the American tourist got injured.

The cave rescue team arrived with 22 rescuers, but the attendance was quite difficult as the team had to work in a place with an upper bed (the ceiling of the cave) tighter than half a metre.

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Team carried the injured to the surface in a special stretcher at 10 pm, and then took him to the hospital.


Márton Kovács, the duty-rescuer of the team, said that they were notified by the leader of the cave tour. The young man had a bad move in a narrow space and his kneecap came out of joint, so he wouldn’t have been able to leave the cave. Even though his kneecap was fixed while alleviating the pain, he had to be carried on a stretcher.

This was the second accident in one week.

A young caver got injured last Friday in a different section of the cave. For that matter, the cave of Mátyás Hill is part of the Pál Valley cave system, which is the longest cave system in Hungary. The length of its passages add up to 30 kilometres.





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