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Waterpark of Lovászi Photo: www.facebook.com/Lovászi strand

If you think that the entry prices of spas and waterparks have gone incredibly high, let us surprise you. There are some places in Hungary where time has stopped, and the prices are still the same as decades ago. Hellovidék (news portal) has listed all the spas and aquaparks with the entry prices below 1000 HUF (3-3.5 USD).

Tourism is flourishing in Hungary; the number of guest overnights is higher every year and hotels are full all the time. You can read about the most visited Hungarian tourist destinations here. The most attractive settlements for tourists are those, where waterparks or spas can be found. No wonder, Hungary has a significant amount of natural thermal water – under three-quarter of its territory. From the 246 waterparks of Hungary, 150 have thermal spas with warm healing water – this number is outstanding compared to European countries.

Tiszaörsi strand
Bath of Tiszaörs
Photo: www.facebook.com/Tiszaörsi strand

Surprisingly, in 18 of them, the entry price does not cost more than 1000 HUF.

Meanwhile, the main tendency is that entry prices increase every year. Based on the calculation of Termál Online (online catalogue), the average entry prices of spas have increased by 700 HUF (2.4 USD) for seven years. The average bath ticket for adults is 2396 HUF (8.2 USD) – in 2012, it was only 1696 HUF (5.8 USD). Most of the bath facilities have raised their entry prices, but there are some, where they were lowered – mainly because of renewal constructions, as compensation. 

Tóalmási strand
Bath of Tóalmás
Photo: www.facebook.com/Tóalmási Szent András Gyógyfürdő,és strand

The cheapest waterparks and spas are mainly small and are built in a retro style, but it only makes them even more charming. Besides, meals (or other services) also have much friendlier prices than in most bath facilities. Another considerable advantage is that you will definitely not find yourself in a crowdy environment if you choose to have rest in any of these places. You can find the list of these settlements below.

Click here to find the list of the 18 settlements with the cheapest offers – check them out on the map as well.

The cheapest waterpark of Hungary is in Lovászi (Zala county). The ticket price for adults costs only 600 HUF (2 USD). Entry under the age of six is free – below the age of fourteen, it costs only 450 HUF (1.5 USD). The bathing facility is only open during the summer between 10am-19pm. It includes a swimming pool, a paddling pool (for little kids) and a training pool.

Fehérgyarmati strandfürdő
Bath of Fehérgyarmat
Photo: www.facebook.com/Fehérgyarmati strand

However, Lovászi is one of the exceptions. The majority of the cheapest baths – under 1000 HUF – are on the Eastern side of the river Danube (14) and only four can be found on the Western side. Four of these “legendary” waterparks are in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, where you have more options to relax for record cheap prices. 


Source: hellovidek.hu termalonline.hu

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